What's your product line?

We supply LED products in one word. To be exact, here following are what we can produce:

LED Gym Timer

Categoried by character height, they are 1", 1.5", 1.8", 2.3", 3" and 4" gym timer. Gym timers are all the same function but varies in sizes. Roughly, 1", 1.5" and 1.8" are popular for home gyms. And other sizes are popular for gym centers.  

Nowadays fitness becomes more and more acceptable by people all over the world. An effective timing device is necessary to help people's exercise. No matter you like HIIT, Crossfit or any other traning ways, the gym clock can meet any of those needs. Besides programmable training preferences, regular Tabata, FGB and EMOM, other multiple functions makes this gym timer a "many-sdied" device. Real time clock, countdown, count up and stopwatch, these functions can be all used on this single clock. 

With remote control operation, you can operated in from several meters away, which is much more convenient than your smartphone APP. 

Bright and clear LED character is another striking point on interval gym timers. You can see time running from distance during your exercise - Another score point from smarphone.

Buzzers, 10 secs preparation time & 7 level brightness adjustment are basic application function. You can freely disable and enable those functions. 

LED Race Timing Clock